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    I received a Bachelor's Degree in Health & Physical Education from Augsburg College in 2005. I received a Master's Degree in Teaching & Learning from St. Mary's University of MN in 2008. Beyond my master's degree, I earned 60 additional credits.


    In 2006, I began working at Gleason Lake Elementary School. From 2007-2017, I taught both Health and Physical Education during my time at Wayzata West Middle School. In 2017, I taught in the Orono School District.

    Aside from teaching, I have coached various levels of hockey in both Wayzata and Orono from 2008-2012. I enjoy keeping active with my snow removal & lawn care businesses as well.


    F.A.N. Honoree (faculty appreciation night), chosen by former students as their most influential teacher:

  • 2011, Jack Mallaro, Wayzata Football

  • 2012, Nico LoPesio, Wayzata Football

  • 2013, John Christopherson, Wayzata Football

  • 2014, Jack Pumper, Wayzata Football

  • 2015, Shawn Miller, Wayzata Football

  • 2015, Sydney Hayden, Wayzata Girls' Basketball

  • 2015, Megan Malecha, Wayzata Girls' Soccer

  • 2016, Elizabeth Helmich, Wayzata Volleyball

  • 2017, Chad Smith, Wayzata Football

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